Portland Urban Northeast Neighborhoods

Home to some of Portland’s nicest and most popular neighborhoods is “inner northeast.” Tree-lined streets and storybook homes from yesteryear bring a quaint but hip vibe to these neighborhoods. There are also a few charming Bed & Breakfast inns to enjoy, worth staying in for a few nights.


Some of the homes in the Alameda neighborhood, especially those along the periphery of the ridge, afford breathtaking views of the Willamette River and the downtown skyline. The homes along the Alameda Ridge very seldom come on the market. Timing is everything, and they are snapped up before the sign is in the ground. Just off the ridge is nearly as desirable and offers tree-lined streets, “old Portland” style homes, and plenty of parks. This trendy neighborhood has a committed community, where urban chic is the vibe.


One of the advantages of living in the Beaumont-Wilshire neighborhood is the variety of home styles that are available. South of Fremont, most of the homes were built in the early 1900s, and you will find Tudors, Craftsman, bungalows, etc. Once you cross Fremont heading north, you’ll find early 1900s classic styles along with a few homes that were built after 1950.

Besides the variety of homes on the north end of the neighborhood, it is home to Wilshire Park, a 14.83-acre paradise filled with a canopy of mature trees, playgrounds, and picnic facilities.

Beaumont Market

One of our favorite stores is the 5,000-square-foot Beaumont Market at 4130 NE Fremont. In addition to the grocery items, there is an amazing amount of other stuff. Look up as it goes all the way from the floor to the ceiling, including some things hanging from the ceiling. You can always find a last-minute gift item somewhere in Beaumont. They carry a good quantity of wine as well as fresh produce and Harris Ranch meats.

Alameda Ridge Offers Views

The Alameda Ridge takes a 45-degree turn at NE 33rd Avenue and extends into the Beaumont-Wilshire neighborhood ending at 49th. The homes along the ridge offer some breathtaking views.

Fremont Street Is Focal Point

Northeast Fremont Street, between NE 33rd and NE 50th Avenues, serves as the focal point of activity for the Beaumont-Wilshire neighborhood. As a neighborhood center, NE Fremont Street provides a mix of housing, commercial, institutional, and retail services to residents and visitors. It is placed where people can socialize, run their errands, window shop, and dine at local restaurants. Interspersed between the commercial activities are small professional offices that provide medical, legal, and financial services to the greater community. Head a little farther north, and you will find great BBQ at Cannon’s Rib Express or the newest New Seasons Market.

Grant Park

If you like these three things, then you will love Grant Park: Walking | Tree-lined streets | Historic homes

Walking in Grant Park means more than taking an evening stroll in the neighborhood. It means that you can walk to the library, restaurants, and even to food markets such as New Seasons or stroll to Trader’s Joe over in the Hollywood area.

In the City of Portland 2005 Livability study, 94% of Grant Park residents rated their neighborhood “good” or “very good” on these two items: (1) Walking distance to a bus stop, and (2) access to shopping and other services.


The Irvington neighborhood is named for William Irving, who claimed land in the area in 1852. After Irving’s death in 1872, his widow and son began subdividing and selling much of the original claim. The young neighborhood became part of the city of Albina, which was annexed to Portland in the early 1890s. Many of Irvington’s large, historic homes were built in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

NE Knott runs through the heart of Irvington and is lined with some of Irvington’s most beautiful homes.  Each year during the Christmas season, a group of owners offers open houses to the public that can be toured on horse-drawn carriages.

Close to MAX, Portland’s light rail system, and within walking distance of many of the homes. Walk to NE Broadway and visit boutiques, eateries, the Lloyd Center (Oregon’s largest mall), the Rose Garden (home of the Portland Trail Blazers), or the Convention Center.