Portland SW

Portland SW — Homes & Neighborhoods

Portland, Oregon at night


Southwest Portland includes 14 distinct neighborhoods. Close-in hillsides are dotted view properties and streets named for many of Portland’s early founders.

Following south along the waterfront is the newly developed South Waterfront condo scene. Sleek lines and the urban vibe are interconnected by the Portland Streetcar, which loops around downtown Portland and the Pearl District.

Take in the view from the OHSU aerial tram that connects offices and parking to the teaching hospital.

Extending south are the sought-after neighborhoods of Raleigh Hills,  home to Raleigh Park. Hayhurst, Collins View, Garden Home, and the hip areas of Hillsdale and Multnomah Village.

Southwest Portland is defined by south of Burnside and west of the Willamette River and includes much of the downtown area.